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We serve all types of properties including homes, businesses, and non-profit entities like churches, schools, and hospitals.

Residential Properties


If you wish to create your own power and dramatically reduce your monthly utility bill, then you may be a candidate for a Solar Energy Masters photovoltaic (PV) system. These are the most advanced systems available and can create the most positive environmental impact. With a 30% Federal Tax Credit (through 2016), a PV system can offer a very smart investment.


These systems actually convert the sun's energy into electricity and can eliminate or greatly reduce your monthly power bill. Homeowners using photovoltaic systems will enjoy freedom from higher electricity bills and the comfort of knowing that they are helping the planet and making the country less reliant on foreign energy sources. 


Photovoltaic electricity production has been the fastest growing energy technology over the last decade. Its reliability and performance have never been better. Because of technological advances, more brands in the market and larger scale production of components, owning a photovoltaic system has never been more affordable.


Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, the systems we install make maximum use of roof space, parking lot carport installations, and other available spaces.Over its 25-year lifespan, the new system will secure for the property significant savings. 


The actual cost for the commercial entity will be a small portion of the overall contract price because federal, state, and local government programs provide extraordinary financial incentives today to spur the development of solar energy sources. Commercial property owners receive federal tax credits equal to 30% of the purchase price. They are also eligible to receive tax deductions for the depreciation in the value of the system. The local utility companies similarly frequently offer generous rebates. The time is now to take advantage of these programs.


Non-Profit Institutions


The rising cost of energy has made solar a better choice than ever for schools, churches, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations. Given their tax-exempt status, a very different funding and budgetary process applies; this means that these organizations often need an innovative partner in order to make projects happen. Solar Energy Masters can help your organization evaluate your solar opportunities, identify funding sources, and successfully install a solar energy system that will save your organization money for 25+ years.


As noted, non-profit institutions are ineligible to directly utilize federal tax credits because they are exempt from paying federal income tax. Through Solar Energy Masters' efforts, however, they are able to enter into financing arrangements with a third party institution that will allow the financing entity to take advantage of tax credits and rebates and yet pass on the vast bulk of the savings to the non-profit. 

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