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To help you understand the technical process better, outlined in this section are ten key steps in the installation process of a solar energy photovoltaic system.

PV Installation: Ten-Step Process 


1. SIZING THE SYSTEM: The first step in the process is determining what size the system must be to satisfy the property owner's energy needs. The cost of the system, how much energy it will produce, and the savings all depend on the size of the system. We examine energy use by studying the electricity bills for the past 12 months to design a system that satisfies as much of its needs as possible – typically up to 100%.


2. SURVEY OF THE PROPERTY: We next do a preliminary assessment of the property to evaluate whether we have suitable space on the roof for the system we are considering. We also assess alternatives to a roof-mounted system and major shading issues to see how best we can address them.


3. PREPARATION OF OUR PROPOSAL: The proposal will include the system size and design; Estimated energy production; Total cost; Net cost after deducting tax credit and available rebates; Payment options; and Calculation of savings.


4. SIGNING THE CONTRACT: Once our client has accepted our proposal, we prepare a contract, review its terms and payment schedule, and sign it. The client submits a deposit ($1,000 or 10% of contract price, whichever is less) at the signing. 


5. PREPARE SYSTEM DESIGN AND SUBMIT PACKAGE FOR ISSUANCE OF PERMIT: How quickly the permit is issued depends on each local jurisdiction but varies from 1 day to several weeks.


6. INTERCONNECTION AGREEMENT WITH MUNICIPALITY: This is a mandatory written agreement between the client and the local utility company. It is required if the customer generates electricity tied to the utility grid. 


7. INSTALLATION OF THE SYSTEM: Our experienced and meticulous crews begin installation after the issuance of the permit. How long installation takes differs from property to property and depends on the size of the system, the roof area, the pitch of the roof, etc.


8. INSPECTION CONDUCTED BY LOCAL JURISDICTION: Once the installation of the system is completed, we make arrangements for the local jurisdiction to inspect the system. Inspections are typically conducted one to seven days after the installation is completed, depending on the procedures of the local jurisdictions. Permission To Operate (PTO) is typically issued shortly thereafter by the local utility company.


9. SYSTEM IS TURNED ON ONCE INSPECTION IS COMPLETED: Enjoy your savings and making a significant contribution to cleaning our natural environment. 


10. SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: To maximize energy production and promote efficiency, we strongly encourage cleaning the modules twice annually to remove dust and dirt. Although property owners may do the cleaning themselves in many circumstances, retaining professional services for a nominal service fee is recommended.


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